Sri Vaikhanasa Network

An online platform that brings all Sri Vaikhanasas across the world together and facilitate to stand for each other

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We are members of Vaikhanasa community who are taking initiative to build and maintain a dedicated online platform with the name "Sri Vaikhanasa Network". 

The main aim of this platform is to serve our Vaikhanasa Community across the world with every possible online service.


Sri Vaikhanasa Network should be our go-to place to serve our vaikhanasa community needs beyond language and locality barriers. Especially to extend our helping hand to our vaikhanasa archaka members in whichever way we can.


Sri Vaikhanasa Network is incredibly excited to connect and coordinate with our local vaikhanasa communities across the globe to work as one 


 bring our people together to fulfil our mission of serving our community.


WE AS ONE: We are committed to a positive environment in which every vaikhanasa member may experience a sense of belonging and worth.

OPEN & ACCOUNTABLE: We are committed to honesty and transparency to every vaikhanasa member.

RESPECT: We treat every vaikhanasa member the way we would want to be treated. We are considerate of each other's feelings, values, and points of view.

SERVICE: We are committed to serving those who are in need of helping hand within vaikhanasa community. In the spirit of service, we freely give of our time, energy, and resources.

TEAMWORK & EXCELLENCE: We work as a team, achieving more collectively than individually. We are committed to putting forth our personal and professional best towards achieving our shared mission to serve our vaikhanasa community.



We are still doing ground work on building our own online platform to serve our community. 

Part of that, we are looking to hear genuine feedback from you. Please click on below button to provide your feedback

Thank you